Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Teacher Comments

Further to our conversation in class , action points to take forward from the rough cut to final cut include:

- Add more footage. Edit your sequence so that the total running time is approximately 2 minutes
- Add titles (credits etc.). Remember, your final cut needs to look like an opening sequence
- Take care with continuity editing (try to achieve matches on action, avoid jump cuts, use shot reverse shot during conversations, observe the 180 degree rule etc.)
- Add your garage band music track for the main sequence
- Add a garage band music track for your production company logo.


Friday, 27 February 2009


Wednesday, 4 February 2009


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Our Music

I do believe that our soundtrack should involve a classical composition at the beginning, which shall set a false expression of our film opening. Then, without even a hint or a whiff or a whistle, the music pounds into the listeners listening holes with it's powerful baseline + riveting drum loops. I'm sure you will agree, it will sound fantastic.

This is an example of how our soundtrack will sound, but obviously ours shall have a quality unbeknown by any other musician E.G Mozart. We are composing all the orchestral parts ourselves using our initiative and craftmanship, despite not being able to read music or play an instrument that you blow on. We cannot pluck strings either, but the beggining shall surely pluck the heart strings of any keen classical enthusiast.

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Pitch Feedback

  • Knowledge of camerawork.
  • Detailed Analysis of Snatch.
  • Effective/attractive logo.

Weaknesses of Pitch
  • Could have written synopsis the blog.
  • Expand/More detail needed about our sequence.
  • Ideas are not well explained/detailed.

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Thursday, 29 January 2009


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Monday, 26 January 2009

Snatch Analysis

Camera Work
The first part of the sequence is a combination of mainly long shots and a few medium shots. Unusually these shots are from behind a camera screen. After the characters enter the room the camera work instead focuses on medium shots. This is done so the audience can see the action better. There are a couple of close ups and zooms which the camera usually freezes on so a title can be shown. E.g. the camera zooms quickly on a gun and then freezes so the title “Written and directed by Guy Ritchie”. After the action is over the camera work focuses on close-ups of the individual characters to introduce them.

There is a very slow start to the sequence because of the long duration of each shot. The editing changes once they get the guns out. The shots become very short and there is use of effects and zooms to liven up the clips even more. The pace slows down after the action however it is pretty much maintained though out the rest of the sequence. The use of coloured or drawn frames when the camera freezes is very well used though out the sequence.

The music at the start of the sequence is Jewish which fits with the appearance of the bank and characters, which the audience are led to assume are all Jewish. After the action starts the music changes and suddenly the pace of the music picks up. The pace slows down when they get into the van but is kept up until the end of the sequence.

At the start the characters are dressed up like Jews. The CCTV is black and white at this stage. The camera focus leaves the CCTV screens when they enter the bank office. The main props used are guns as well as some diamonds. During the second part of the sequence jewellery and money is used a lot.

There are some titles in black rectangles on the CCTV screens as the characters enter the bank. The titles that appear whilst they are in the office are on brown rectangles. The film title appears in White in front of the diamond, as the camera spins 360 around the diamond.


Thursday, 15 January 2009

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Shooter Analysis

The birds eye view shot at the beginning sets the scene pretty well. It shows that although it's a natural area there are oil pipes and cutting across the landscape. The titles appear in the center of the screen though out the first part of the sequence. There is heavy emphasis on sound effects to build tension in the sequence leading up to the action. The camera is nearly never still during the sequence. Combinations of tracking and panning

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Friday, 28 November 2008